Globber Elite Replacement Axle Pack for Nylon Bar

$ 2.99

Globber Elite Replacement Axle Pack for Nylon Bar

Globber Scooters now provides a variety of replacement parts to lengthen the life of the scooter and create a more affordable option than replacing the entire scooter. Vibrant colors, quality materials and affordable pricing make Globber Scooters a top choice for Scooters and replacement parts. 

This Replacement Pack comes with one bolt and one nut for the Globber 3 Wheel Elite Folding Scooters. This replacement axle pack is a replacement that goes through the nylon bar that assists with steering the scooter. The nut and bolt can be found on the bottom of the deck. This Globber 3 Wheel Replacement Axle Pack is compatible with only the 3 Wheel Elite Folding models.

A single Replacement Axle pack comes with one nut and one bolt.

This Replacement Pack is compatible with the following models: 3 Wheel Elite FOLDING Models

***This Replacement Pack will not work on the 3 Wheel Fixed, 3 Wheel Kick, 3 Wheel Primo, 3 Wheel Adjustable, 3 Wheel Primo Plus, 3 Wheel Fantasy, 3 Wheel Evo 4-in-1, 3 Wheel Evo 5-in-1 models***


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