Globber One K E-Motion Electric Folding Scooter

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The Globber One K E-Motion Electric Scooter comes with a brushless motor in the front wheel, rubber wheels front and back, and a long lasting Lithium battery, to deliver high-performance and a safe ride.  In addition, the One K E-Motion is a fold up scooter thanks to its kick & fold piston-assisted collapsing system.

The Globber One K E-Motion Electric Scooter - A fast electric scooter for urban explorers.  

Range: 12.5 - 16 miles

Speed: 2 modes, 0 to 3.75 MPH max, 0 to 16 MPH max

Charging Time: 4 hours

Battery:  Lithium 5800mAh 36V

Engine - 250w

Wheels Size: Front 200mm, Back 152mm

Fast, powerful ride

ONE K E-MOTION has a 250w engine and can reach speeds up to 16 MPH. Choose between 2 speed modes; 0-4 MPH for slow mode or 0-16 MPH in fast mode. Reach your destination every time thanks to the powerful lithium 5,800 mAh (36V) battery, delivering a 16 mile range* on a single charge.

*Maximum speeds and range will vary depending on the user’s weight. 

Comfortable way to get around

Thanks to the rubber wheels—front & back, riders can enjoy a puncture-free drive with maximum shock absorption thanks to A 70 Shore hardness on the rear wheel. What’s more, with the super wide aluminium alloy deck, you can easily place two feet next to each other, or one behind the other, for a comfy ride & practical way to get around the city!

Smart, safe design

ONE K E-MOTION is a fold up scooter thanks to its kick & fold piston-assisted collapsing system. With a quick kick of the mechanism on the bottom of the pole, the back wheel and deck automatically lifts to put the scooter into portable / trolley mode! Our electric, portable scooter also comes with a handbrake and high-reflective T-bar design for maximum safety and visibility.

How to Ride

1.Hold down the red power button and speedometer button at same time to turn on.

2. Kick start three times to get the scooter rolling. Electric motor will kick in.

3. You're off!

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